Up on the Roof

Here is a quick checklist of simple jobs to do on the roof: Inspect the roof, inspect loft access, clear debris, replace missing tiles, look at hips and ridges, chimneys etc

Living Walls

Living walls, or green walls, have many health benefits. Plus, they look cool. Here’s what you need to know about how to grow your own.  

Scott Le Breton Shop

Our New Shop!

Great news… Our new online shop is ready for action and packed with the latest items from Maze Rattan. Take a look at the Scott Le Breton Shop

cool pools

Cool Pools

When you choose Scott Le Breton, you get the confidence of working with a company commited to customer satisfaction and innovative design. Our pools always reflect the natural beauty of its owner’s home, lifestyle and taste! A pool is a true extension of its owners’ personality, whether they entertain friends or associates, throw parties or just have family get togethers. …

Summer Shade

Summer Shade

Summerhouses are idyllic hideaways to relax, dine, play, work, read, write… Designed to complement your property, the exceptional quality of our materials, our expert craftsmanship combined with the latest technology means that all you have to do is… sit back and enjoy! Pagodas and Arbours are a wonderful place to escape the sun providing a relaxing retreat and a focal …

Energy Saving

Energy Saving Top Energy Saving Tips. Maintain your building – catch problems before they catch you. Repair your building – fix a leaking roof or blocked gutter and find the source of that damp problem. A dry house is a warmer house! Understand your building – allow surfaces to breathe and work with the original building construction and plan form.Understand …

Porches and Doors

Porches & Doors You can never underestimate how important a first impression is, especially when it comes to buying a new porch. This is something you want to ensure is going to be designed individually for you, installed with a top quality product and by a company that has decades of experience in the home improvement industry. The choices of …

New Decking

New Decking Late winter and early spring is the perfect time to build a new deck. Get started as soon as the weather is nice enough to comfortably work outdoors. Winter air tends to be drier, and if you are using a material like pressure treated wood to build your deck, the wood will dry more consistently and smoothly in …